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As the labor market tightens, the talent acquisition process will become an increasingly higher priority. It’s time to think of the talent acquisition department as a service delivery unit that uses the business strategy to determine its hiring strategy. Recruiters will need to use data and predictive analytics to determine which skills the company will need in the future, create a stellar employer brand and candidate experience, and partner with business units to find candidates who have the right skills and can keep customers happy. 

At Pinnacle HR, our clients partner with us to help them identify, develop and solve their people organizational challenges.  By creating innovative tailored solutions in line with their strategic commercial objectives, we help our clients build and sustain an organization for today, and tomorrow.  A few of the key areas that we act as trusted advisors are:


  • Define, develop your Talent Acquisition Strategy--aligned to your business strategy

  • Develop your teams' Emotional and Social Intelligence to lead more effectively

  • Develop strategies to retain and engage high performing individuals and teams

  • Develop your Employment Brand and Employee Value Proposition

  • Define, evaluate your readiness to streamline your Recruitment Process, and outsource if required

  • Provide interim Talent Acquisition support during unplanned periods of growth




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