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Companies who choose to invest in their people through Executive Coaching believe coaching is an essential and critical element to enabling their organization’s on-going success, and vital in today’s world where economic growth is slow, and a ‘grow your own’ people strategy dominates. 


At Pinnacle HR, we work with companies and individuals to help them achieve clarity, gain results, and realize their full potential.  A few of the common challenges and objectives that our clients work with us to develop are:


  • Leading change, managing transitions, building resilience to deliver

  • Building leadership skills, management capability, emotional intelligence

  • Developing strategies to align your role to the overall business objectives

  • Identifying clear goals and action plans to deliver on the company’s strategy

  • Managing critical conversations 

  • Navigating career transitions

  • Developing interview skills and preparation

  • Career outplacement

  • Understanding what truly motivates and drives you to achieve your best


All of our coaches are qualified, members of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), adhere to the EMCC’s Professional Code of Ethics, and avail of on-going coaching supervision for their continuous professional development.


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