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Developing your Talent Acquisition Strategy and delivering your people plan can be challenging against the backdrop of growth and change.  Despite the numerous challenges companies face while growing, hiring the right talent is the one decision that can’t afford to go wrong.  And, yet time after time, organizations make poor hiring decisions, leaving them with costly turnarounds, poor employee morale, lower productivity, and a cost of up to 30% of the employee’s potential first-year earnings, according to the U.S. Department of Labour.

At Pinnacle HR, we partner with you to build your talent foundations from the bottom up, and hire the right people to scale your organization and deliver your company’s growth.   We specialize in:


  • Source, identify and recruiting key talent to grow your organization

  • Executive search and selection

  • Building talent pools of candidates for hard-to-fill roles

  • We focus on building long-term trusted advisor partnerships with our clients and candidates through delivering a high quality and professional service


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